strategic brand coaching for entrepreneurs

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned expert, creating an extraordinary brand for your business should be at the very top of your to-do list (but I‘m guessing you know that since you‘re already here).
Regardless of where you are at on your entrepreneurial journey, I’m here to support you in creating a brand that:
brings your big idea to life 
is authentic to your story and style
resonates with your ideal clients &
elevates your business above your competition. 
Below you’ll find an overview of my services. I cannot wait to work with you!

Brand Consultancy


VIP Brand Consultancy

There is no room for a cookie-cutter brand when you’ve got big dreams for your business. Whether your goal is to empower others, share your knowledge, or build an empire, you need a brand that stands out in the marketplace, resonates with your audience, and builds momentum for your business. 
You want more than just a beautiful logo and a nice website – you want a brand that runs through the veins of your business, is unmistakably distinct, clearly communicates what your business is all about, and is commercially viable. 
Together we‘ll build your brand strategically, from the ground up; starting with clarity and a powerful vision, then defining your niche and building value into your offerings, as well as commissioning a beautiful logo, brand identity and website that cut through the noise and leave lasting impact. 
My commitment to delivering only the highest quality of work, combined with the comprehensive and immersive nature of this offering, means that I can only take on a few of these projects every year.
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1-on-1 coaching


Strategic brand coaching

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or you’re just starting out, getting clear on your brand, and learning how to think about your brand strategically, is the key to growing your business. 
1-on-1 coaching is perfect for you if you’re ready to become more intentional about your brand. Maybe you need help identifying your magic (the reason your clients choose you!), carving out your niche, or finally nailing down your ideal client. How about getting clear on what your brand is all about and creating a powerful vision? Maybe you’d like an experienced eye and professional feedback on your brand identity, copy, website, or marketing materials? I’m here to support and coach you to a brand your clients will love even more than you do. 
1-on-1 coaching is available in either:
6 sessions (60 minutes every 2 weeks for 3 months)
12 sessions (60 minutes every 2 weeks for 6 months)
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BrandAid –  power hour

You can feel that something is off, but you just can’t put your finger on it.
In 60 minutes, we’ll take a look at where you are right now and identify what could be working better. Then we’ll develop a custom, focused action plan so that you know exactly what you need to work on. After the session you‘ll have a week of e-mail support to answer any questions that come up and make sure there is nothing getting in the way of you growing your brand.

group coaching programmes

Find Your Magic

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How much would you pay to have no competition?
When you understand what it is that you do brilliantly and better than anyone else, where your business sits in the market, and what value you provide for your clients, you’ll find that competition disappears. Because no one can do exactly what you do.
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irresistibly you online course artwork

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Learn how to seal the deal with confidence, ease, and authenticity.
In this 6 week course you‘ll learn about the psychology of choice so you understand how your client makes their purchase decision, you’ll re-frame your mindset and how you feel about selling, and you’ll develop your own selling style that feels good to you and gets you the sale.
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Online Courses

Dream Client Connection


Who is your dream client, where can you find them, and how can you get the conversation going with them?
This is the perfect self-led course for budding entrepreneurs who want to nail their ideal client and create a strategy for finding and connecting with their dream clients. It‘s the course I wish had existed when I was starting my business!
Karina the Personal Brand Architect with her dog