Staying Focused in your Brand


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It’s always around this time of year I see my Instagram fill up with inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs, and my inbox overflow with offers to help me align with my true self, develop positive habits that will help me reach my goals, or finally conquer my mindset blocks. Especially this year, as we continue to navigate truly unprecedented times, the quotes and goals and planning seem to have attained an all time high. I’m wondering if you’ve noticed this too?

Building Trust

But while all of those things sound good and are certainly created with the best of intentions, most of these posts and emails leave me more confused than anything else.The problem is that they are being sent by people whom I’ve come to know and trust for something else. 
When I get an email about the life-changing effects of yoga from a copy-writing coach – it confuses me. 
When I see my graphic designer posting about detoxing and creating a healthy lifestyle in 2021- it confuses me.
When my go-to IT expert shares his black and white photography instead of the tech tips and tricks I‘m used to (and expecting) – it confuses me.

Sharing our experiences

It’s easy to understand why this happens: as entrepreneurs many of us are multi-passionate, multi-talented, and just chock full of good intentions and experience that we want to share with our audience. We’ve gone through ups and downs along our entrepreneurial journey; we’ve worked on ourselves from the inside-out; we’ve learned how to operate way out of our comfort-zones and take action despite fear or risk. I mean come on, we made it through 2020! So it’s only normal to want to share our passions and formulas for success with the world. 
But unless you’re already an established brand and the world already knows exactly what you’re all about (think Oprah, Jamie Oliver, Beyoncé), sharing ALL.THE.THINGS can result in diluting your brand and confusing your audience.
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staying focusing in your brand by personal brand architect
maintaining focus in your brand, mood board by personal brand architect

Some ideas for staying focused in your brand:

I’d say a good rule of thumb to follow is: the more established your brand is and the better your audience knows you, the more you can stray from your expertise. I’d urge you to be careful here and make sure that, even if the topic is different, whatever you are sharing must reflect the same values that your brand is known for. 
Each member of your audience has followed you, opted-in to your list, or purchased from you because you fulfilled a specific need of theirs. They have a unique connection to your brand and you need to be aware of and respectful of that connection. If your brand is relatively new and you want to share something on a different topic than your expertise, make sure that whatever you’re sharing is, at the very least, complementary to what your audience has signed up for. 
As always, your brand exists to serve your clients. Let that idea guide your content, your communication and your offerings (instead of say, creating and sharing things that mostly serve you). Maintaining that focus on your clients’ needs will serve your brand well and make it easier for you to stay focused as well. 
For everything your brand puts out there, ask yourself if it’s supporting your goals:
Is it building your expert status?
Is it allowing you to further hone your skills?
Will it get you more of the clients you dream of and work you love?
Does it increase your credibility?
Will it help sell your offers?
Will it make you memorable? 
Staying focused with your brand is one of the issues I help my clients with most often and there really is so much more I could talk about on this topic! Instead of me going on and on though, I‘d love to hear from you. How are you feeling about your brand and your business as we start this new year? Are you full of hope? Energy? Or uncertainty? Do you feel confident about where you are taking your business this year or would you like some support? Is there anything I might be able to help you with right now? Please do let me know!
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