Spring Cleaning for your Brand


Inspiration and ideas for spring cleaning your brand
Do you find spring energizing? If you’re like me, the warmer air and longer days are filling you with energy and motivation to refresh, refine and de-clutter. Where December and January feel like the perfect time to reflect and plan, Spring feels much more hands-on, doesn’t it? Brand-wise, it’s the perfect time to make space, clear out what isn’t serving you anymore, and make sure that what you do keep is still aligned with your vision and working hard for your business. 
As your brand and business grow, things are bound to change; taking a bit of time this spring to freshen things up and refocus will definitely pay off!
Let the spring cleaning begin!

Social Media

  • Audit the social media platforms you are currently using and make sure they’re all still good places to connect with your dream clients. Remember: consistency on 1 platform is better than being inconsistent on many. Use this opportunity to eliminate anything that drains you, is utterly uninspiring, and isn’t working for your business!
  • Refresh your profile picture and banner imagery on all the platforms you want to continue using. Consider if any formats have changed and pick a profile picture you love to use across all your social profiles. 
  • Update your profile or bio copy keeping your dream client in mind. 
  • Archive old posts that aren’t key content or are no longer aligned with your brand and vision for your business. 

Your Website

  • Make sure everything is updated and working perfectly on the back end. 
  • Audit your most visited pages including the home page and update your imagery and/or copy. 
  • Update client testimonials to support the services you want to focus on this year. 
  • Make sure your footer information is accurate.
  • Clean up your blog if you have one. Archive any posts that are no longer relevant to your business and make sure your categories and structure are still clear and easy for your visitors to navigate. 
  • Check out this blog post for more tips on how to elevate your website. 
spring cleaning for your brand pinterest pin
spring cleaning for your brand pinterest pin

Your Offers

  • Go through your offers and make sure everything is up to date – including your pricing! This is also a great time to remove any offers that don’t reflect where you want to be heading with your business and brand. 
  • At the same time, are there any services that are missing from your offering? What offers might serve your clients really well and have the potential to move your business in the right direction?
  • Review your customer journey for each offer and update your sales pages or information kits as necessary. 

Your Brand Identity

  • Is your brand identity still communicating your message and connecting with your dream clients? A great way to evaluate how well your branding is working is to work through this new free resource – the thriving brand blueprint. It’ll give you LOTS of insight about what you need to focus on to ensure the visuals of your brand are actually creating the right impact. 
  • Is your photography still fresh and reflective of your business? If not, this is a great time to schedule a new shoot! Get my free Ultimate Photo-Shoot Planner to help you plan a phenomenal shoot! (In case you were wondering, I invest in at least 1 professional business photo shoot per year. Compelling imagery is an essential part of how I communicate about my business and build a connection with my audience)
  • If your brand identity is starting to feel a bit dated, it might be time to start planning a refresh or complete re-brand. Again, the Thriving Brand Blueprint can help you create a clear brand brief to help you style your brand!
thriving brand blueprint

What will you put on your to-do list?

Now, this is a pretty big list and certainly you’d need to put aside a good amount of time to work through everything, but even if you ‘only’ pick 3 items that are particularly relevant to your business and commit to completing them this week, you’ll strengthen your brand and be off to a great start!
I’d love to see any action this brand spring cleaning list inspires!
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