power strategy session for entrepreneurs


BrandAid is all about you and your brand.

Your brand is the key to your success, to you building a strong connection with your audience, to turning clients into fans, to becoming a magnet for opportunities that will propel you forward.
But if you’re feeling far from magnetic right now, then something is likely off with your branding.
Together, we’ll take a look at where you’re at right now and identify what isn’t working. Then we’ll develop a custom, focused action plan so that you can get back to doing what you do best, knowing your brand is supporting and working hard for you.

BrandAid is for you if:
  • You need help getting crystal clear on your positioning
  • You’re not sure how to differentiate yourself from your competition (much less how to communicate that differentiation through your branding)
  • You have a logo, website, and all your marketing materials, but they’re not working FOR you,  or they just don’t feel like YOU
  • You’re having trouble getting clients
  • You’re not sure how to communicate what you do and how valuable your offer is
  • You can feel that something is off, but you just can’t put your finger on it.
  • You’re not really sure what personal branding can do for you, but you’re curious and want to take the first step.
How it works
  • 90 minutes completely tailored to your needs.
  • When you book, you’ll be asked to fill out my warm-up questionnaire so I know exactly what to prepare for our meeting.
  • We’ll meet online (via Zoom) for 90 minutes to focus you and your brand.
  • You’ll get fresh impulses to help you fine tune and get your brand back on track.
  • You’ll also get homework and my custom recommendations for what you need to work on next.
  • After our meeting you’ll have a full week of e-mail support to make sure you’re clear on how to move forward.


Hope and the Magnolia

“You exceeded my expectations. Your feedback from your evaluation was critical, but necessary. You helped me focus on what was important and you asked the right questions. The email support for the week following was vital to receive the feedback I needed to remain grounded and confident with the new direction and choices I was making.”
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strengthen, align and refine your brand


power strategy session for entrepreneurs

YOUR INVESTMENT: € 470 (VAT incl.)
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