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letterboard surrounded by flowers

This is the personal branding blog for ambitious women

Well hello there! My name is Karina Schwarzenböck –  I am the Personal Brand Architect and you are reading my very first blog post… and, to be honest, I am unexpectedly nervous about it. Like all first impressions, I’m feeling lots of pressure to get these first few lines just right. Will I come across exactly as I want to? What bold statement could I make to convince you of my expertise/charm/wittiness/experience and make you want to keep reading and coming back for more?


I take comfort in knowing that 99% of all the bloggers in the universe likely feel my pain and know exactly what these first few lines feel like. Taking the first step to really put yourself out there is kind of scray (and hard)! But here I am, first step taken, and I’m so honoured you’re here taking it with me.

Position yourself for success

Personal Brand Architect is all about empowering women to reach for their dreams and attain their own success. My plan is to fill this space with the tools you need to build a strong personal brand; tools that will empower you to find clarity, communicate clearly, take deliberate decisions, and position yourself for success. My goal is to make this blog your go-to location for tips, techniques, and inspiration to elevate your business or career to the next level.


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I firmly believe that women have the power to change the world as we know it. My experience in marketing and industry has shown me though, that time and again we women have difficulty positioning ourselves as the stars that we are. Too often we let restraint, doubt and a lack of focus (and time!) get in the way of our greatness. Or we let well-meaning friends and family guide us away from our dreams.


I get it.
I’ve been there too.


But I want to invite you to change all that.


Whether you are an entrepreneur or self-employed, a career climber or a new graduate, the right personal branding can get you back on track and really help you build the life of your dreams.  And that’s really my goal with this blog: to help you find clarity about the journey you want to be on, to help you rise above the crowd, and help you showcase your talents and expertise in a way that is authentic and focused on your goals.


I realize that there are varying opinions on the merits of personal branding, and while I can understand a certain disdain for the idea of branding people as a company would a product, let me just say this: you already have a personal brand – it starts with the first impression you make, and includes how people perceive you, how you communicate, what networks you have and what decisions you take. Personal Branding is simply the act of bringing consciousness and cohesiveness to these elements.
The most successful women (and men) are those that take the time to build a brand that supports them and their ambitions; that creates the right impression, attracts the right clients or employers, that highlights their strengths and helps them communicate in a way that really represents who they are.
Imagine how your life would improve if you knew exactly what you wanted, how to get there, and how to clearly communicate what sets you apart. Imagine how great it would be to make decisions with confidence; knowing you are taking the right decisions to help you achieve your goals, whether it be in your own business or in your career, or even in your personal life. That’s what personal branding can do for you.
I’m really excited about this journey we’re embarking on together and I hope you’ll leave your feedback and comments below. I have a lot planned for this year, and regular blog posts are just one item on the list!
See you back here soon!


Get the Free Workbook! 4 Ways to Build your Brand at Work