authentic & successful self-selling for service-based entrepreneurs


You know you’d be a great fit and you’re dreaming of working with them, but you just don’t know how to make your dream clients fall for you!
If tooting your own horn makes you feel uncomfortable and you hate the idea of having to sell yourself because it feels sleazy and inauthentic, I can help you.
Irresistibly YOU – sell your magic is my new online course all about authentic and successful self-selling.
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– Melanie Lovasz-Wechsler



“This course is indeed full of great surprises. It will have an impact on your private and professional future! I can highly recommend it to everyone, who is willing to pause for a moment to be fuelled for all goals to come.”


my goal is to enable you to live up to your fullest potential.

That starts with you having confidence in yourself, and you honing your ability to communicate both the problems you solve and the value you create.
This course will teach you how to authentically pitch yourself to your dream clients. You’ll learn how to set yourself apart from the crowd, as well as how to create meaningful connections that will elevate you above your competition.
The course is designed to help you find your own style of self-promotion. It’s not about you learning a one-size-fits-all approach to selling yourself; it’s about developing an understanding for the psychology on both sides of the equation and then implementing that understanding in a way that fits your style and goals.




How do we choose the people we work with, and why will your dream client choose to work with you?
In this module you’ll learn:
  • the psychology behind how we make choices
  • how to use this knowledge to improve your marketing & sales pitch
  • what factors will make you irresistible to your dream clients



Use your new understanding of how we make choices to get on the same page as your dream clients.
In this module you’ll learn:
  • what role your values play in your getting the job (and the reference or testimonial after)
  • why your values need to match your dream clients’ values
  • how to define and align your values



The key to communicating with confidence is a clear message that focuses on what you do best.
In this module you’ll create your Communication MAP:
  • Message
  • Advantage
  • Power


leverage & demonstrate

The best way to demonstrate your potential is to leverage your past successes.
In this module you’ll learn:
  • why potential is more important than experience
  • how to build your own compelling case study
how to build your own compelling case study

– Jen Marshall



“This course will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself. I learned so much about myself and discovered an entirely new way of thinking about the value I provide and how to communicate that value with confidence. There’s a lot of self-reflection involved, and Karina makes it clear that you need to know YOU in order to be able to sell YOU.”
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Each module comprises of video lessons (and audio recordings of the lessons), worksheets, written assignments and a live Q&A session.
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