2021 Year in Preview


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2020 was intense, wasn’t it? 
I don’t know anyone who experienced business as usual, regardless of what they do or what industry they supply. For some of us it was a year of growth (I have one client who experienced their biggest and best year ever as a direct result of COVID – a so-called ‘Corona Winner’), for others it was a year of pivoting and adapting to remain relevant and keep their businesses afloat (as was the case with about 90% of my new clients). For me, it was a year of massive personal and business, learning, creating new products and stepping further out of my comfort zone than I ever have before. 
It was my best year in business so far in terms of revenue.
It was also a year that left me feeling completely exhausted by the time December rolled around. 
So I decided to take a step back over the Holidays and not work on anything for 20 days – not even social media and I’m happy to report that, while it was surprisingly hard, I didn’t even check Instagram or Facebook once! 
What I did do was lots of thinking and reflecting about what I wanted to take with me into the new year and what I was going to leave behind in 2020.

Goals and Intentions

Let me start by saying that I’m incredibly proud of what I accomplished in 2020. As I do every year, I used my Brand Year in Review Workbook to assess everything that happened in my business in the last 12 months and I was shocked by just how much I did last year. 
I was also shocked to realize that it wasn’t the volume of work that had left me frazzled by the end of the year, but rather a lot of the stuff that happened around me; 2020 felt really noisy. Noisier than other years
I felt a tremendous amount of pressure to adapt my offers, to create new things, to grow my business, to speed up when everything else was slowing down, to make 2020 my best year yet. 
Now, I wasn’t exactly planning to stick my head in the sand and just wait to see how things play out, but I realize now that the intentions behind my actions last year just didn’t feel right; they were misaligned with me, my brand, and my business. 
I want my business to grow, and my goal is long-term sustainable success. Success to me means that my business is robust and can survive all the ups and down thrown at it; that it can support my family and our lifestyle; that my brand is strong enough to generate a steady stream of dream clients and other opportunities for growth; that I continue to look forward to every day working in and on my business. 
What I don’t want is to make my business only about the numbers, although messaging about taking your business to 6 or 7 figures seems to be all the rage right now. Yes, numbers are important and I don’t know many entrepreneurs who aren’t in business to make money, but numbers mean something different to each of us, as does the word success. And while I’m all for taking action and not letting perfectionism, unpreparedness or fear slow me down, I’ve decided to be more intentional about how much and what kind of action I take this year.
Karina Schwarzenböck the Personal Brand Architect
Goals, results and intentions

Cutting out the noise and focusing on what matters

Being intentional about what you’re doing in your business means committing to focusing on your own definition of success and what’s important to you. It means having the courage to not follow the pack if it doesn’t feel right, while finding the confidence to do things your way.

Here are my intentions for 2021:

Courage – to show up as myself and communicate my message with confidence; to do things my way and not get swept-away by methods and ideas that don’t feel good to me or are misaligned with my business; to simply cut out the noise and focus on what’s important to me. 
Trust – that I am on the right path and that all my hard work will pay off in the future; that my knowledge and expertise create valuable results for my clients; that I am making a difference; that profit, success and a thriving business is possible even if I do not subscribe to the more-faster-bigger mentality. Trust that I do not have to hustle, become someone else, or do things that feel misaligned with my brand in order to succeed. Trust that doing my best work is enough. 
Balance – is important to me and up to me. It can only exist if I make room for it and I will make a conscious effort to restore it. Balance is where I will be able to live my most fulfilled life, where I can do the work I love AND enjoy the life it enables. Balance is where I will flourish; it will nourish my soul. Balance is where my brand will become more than just a business, because it will attract a like-minded audience who loves my work, allows me to rest, and will be waiting for me upon my return. 
Growth – personally and in my business. I will continue investing in myself, honing my craft, refining my expertise, and empowering my clients to create brands as big as their dreams. I commit to growing with confidence, with clients that fit my requirements and allow me to do my best work. That also means saying no to those who don’t.

My goals for 2021? They include:

  • Launching Dream Client Connection, a new self-led course that demystifies how to find and start talking to your ideal client. (Launching in February – Click here to get on the wait-list)
  • Running 1 free online workshop a month for my Thriving Brand Society on Facebook
  • Creating more resources for this blog
  • Turning the BLUEPRINT into a bi-monthly newsletter (due to popular demand!)
  • Offering my group coaching programmes Find Your Magic and Sell Your Magic at least twice. 
  • Spending more time with my family in Canada (due to Corona I haven’t been since June 2019-way too long) and running my business away from home-base for the first time!
So as you can see I’ve got a lot planned this year and I’m quite excited to get started. I feel full of the optimism and energy that comes with the start of a new year, combined with the clarity that results from taking a step back and reviewing the achievements and lessons of the past 12 months. 
What about you? What will 2021 look like for you? Where are you planning on taking your business? What are your commercial goals for this year and is your brand aligned to support you in reaching them?
Brand Year in Review Workbook, Personal Brand Architect Karina Schwarzenböck
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