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Have you ever heard of an ascension model? It’s what most online business coaches are teaching right now and it’s all about how to move your clients through your different offers, where each step helps them grow their business but also prepares them for an even bigger investment in themselves (and their coach). 
This post is very much NOT about that. But since I’ve often heard the term ascension model being used interchangeably with customer journey, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page from the get-go.  
Instead, let’s look at the different aspects of the journey your clients take with your brand, and why it’s worth it for you to intentionally design a distinct and memorable experience for them. 
Rather than looking at the customer journey as the level of investment your client is ready for, how about using it as an opportunity to have them fall more and more in love with you at every interaction and stage of their journey?
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creating positive experiences

If you read my last blog post, you’ll already know that one of the main objectives of my brand is creating positive experiences for my audience and clients. While I think most of us truly want our clients to love the experience of working with us, many entrepreneurs simply don’t know how to translate that intention into their brand. And yet there are so many opportunities to create positive experiences: from your strategy, to the visual design of your brand, your messaging, your offers and how you market them, your sales process, and how you welcome new clients into your working relationship. 

on building a lasting relationship

A business without clients is just a hobby, so it makes sense to put your clients at the centre of your brand. Here are a few thoughts on how to build a lasting relationship:

1.  Identify your dream clients
Who are the clients that you want to be working with, and why? Who do you know you can really help and will value your work? Who do you dream of working with? We all have clients that we’d love to work with but that we think are out of reach; who are yours? And what would they need to see from you to take notice and want to know more?

2.  Craft their journey
Take the time to reflect on the different stages of your relationship and respect that your client will need different things from you at different stages. The experience of working with you should permeate every aspect of your business, so try to put yourself in your client’s shoes and really have a good look at how your business works from the outside in. By clearly mapping out the journey your clients take with you, you’ll not only gain clarity for yourself, but you’ll also discover what pieces might be missing to move your clients from one stage to the next.

3.  Clarify your promise
Your brand is your promise to your clients; of course the results, but even more so the experience of working with you. Ask yourself if the experience you provide – from the sales process, to on-boarding a new client, to wrapping up your collaboration and requesting feedback or a referral- is in-line with what your brand’s promise.

4.  Share your work
Showing your results, your thought-process, and your investment in your clients builds trust and credibility. It also helps your clients feel valued. Sharing your work also creates a community of like-minded people who want in on what you offer because of what working with you says about them.

5.  Have the courage to focus
On one small niche
On one muse/ideal client
On one core offer or signature programme
On one unique message
On one intention that forms the absolute core of your brand and can be felt through everything you do.
By focusing all your attention you’ll be able to create something truly phenomenal.

6. Prioritize your relationship
Nurture the dream clients you already have. For all those interested in strategies to get the highest conversion rates on sign-ups, e-mail opens, packages sold, etc., don’t forget that the easiest sell is to a client who’s already worked with you and loved the experience. That client is also the most likely to happily share your offers and refer you to others.
Pinterest pin - the customer journey
pinterest pin - the customer journey

building a valuable brand

When you put your clients and their journey with you at the centre of your business, that’s when you start to develop real value in your brand. Not only will you turn clients into true fans, you’ll improve (and likely even streamline) the processes in your business. 
If you want to learn more about creating the kind of brand that has the power to drive your business, then my free resources are a great place to start, in particular the Thriving Brand Blueprint.
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