for entrepreneurs who want to unlock the power of their brand

& make doing business easy


as a service-based entrepreneur, you put your heart and soul into your business

You need a brand that positions you properly, connects you with your dream clients, attracts opportunities, and just makes doing business EASY.
If your brand isn’t doing these things for you, then now is your opportunity to fix it and realign it with your business goals.
Especially in these times of change, it is imperative that your brand remains relevant and cohesive. Now more than ever, your brand needs to support you and keep your business moving forward. And while the values you’ve built your business around likely haven’t changed, the way you communicate them should – because your clients’ priorities have shifted.
If you are:
  • Struggling to make decisions for your business
  • Unsure what kind of content to create
  • Having difficulty growing your client base
  • Not able to consistently charge enough for your services
  • Having difficulty building your expert status
  • Running after opportunities instead of attracting them
  • Wasting time and money in a stagnant business
  • Taking on ANY work to just pay the bills, but getting more unclear on what your business actually is or who your dream clients are
  • Pivoting your business and unsure how to pull it off successfully
Then the problem is in your brand, or lack thereof. But the good news is that taking the time to clarify and focus your brand will solve all of these for you.


an opportunity to refine or pivot your brand and build a lasting connection with your dream clients

Your brand has the power to transform your business.
I’m not talking about the style of your brand, like your logo or colours. I’m talking about the foundation, your vision, and the details; they matter, and focusing on them will be a game-changer for your business.
I will help you turn yours into a brand that:
  • Makes your business a magnet for new clients and opportunities
  • Creates impact with the right clients, the ones that pay you what you’re worth and enable you to grow your business long-term
  • Positions your business at exactly the right place in the market
  • Makes you the ONLY solution to your client’s problem.
  • Underscores your credibility
  • Communicates with ease, clarity and confidence (especially important if you’re pivoting your services)
  • Grows a client base that is fully aligned with your offering and how you do business (so launching, selling, or being signed become effortless)
  • Will help you restyle your brand with confidence
You’ll come out of this with:
  • Crystal clarity about what sets your brand apart and where your brand sits in the market
  • A strong vision for where your brand is headed
  • A brand guide that will act like the compass for your brand for years to come
  • A brand that is commercially viable and aligned with your business goals 
  • This is the time to turn your brand into something absolutely inspirational –  for your audience, your clients, AND yourself!


brand (re-)FOCUS is a 6 week, strategic, 1-on-1 brand consultancy to help you refine your brand.


Understand your brand objectives


(re-)Define your Magic


Clarity and Vision


Focus on your clients


Fine-tune your messaging


Align your brand identity


  • My preparation guide and questionnaire – to make sure we’re both on the same page and best prepared for our first session 
  • 6 x 60 minute, 1-on-1 branding sessions, delivered online via Zoom
  • Homework for each of the 6 weeks/topics to help you dig deep and keep moving forward between our sessions
  • E-mail support for 7 weeks (duration of the course + 1 week after)
  • Access to my online course Irresistibly You!
  • Recordings of all our sessions.

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brand (re)FOCUS

strategic brand consultancy

now is the right time to invest in your brand
Now more than ever, your clients are looking for brands that inspire, that speak to their (new) needs, and that are stepping up with confidence in these uncertain times. Make sure your brand is one of them.
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