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A few weeks, ago I wrapped up the beta round of my new course Dream Client Connection. It went really, really well. In fact, it was the first time that a test round of one of my courses went as well as it did, with so many participants requesting to keep working with me after the course was over. 
Now, a week after my last e-mail to the course participants, I’ve had a chance to reflect on why things went so well this time; how I managed to avoid the complete exhaustion that I’ve experienced in the past, and how (for the very first time) not a single person unsubscribed from my list over the entire week that I was sending sales e-mails once the course was over.

there’s got to be a better way

If I look back at the courses I created and launched in the past, they all have 1 thing in common: I was following someone else’s method. I make no secret of the fact that I’ve taken part in a business mentoring programme over the last 2 years, and much of what I knew about creating, marketing, and launching online programmes up until now came from there. But while I learned so much in those 2 years, I ended up in a marketing & sales cycle that wasn’t aligned with my brand or how I want to do business. The whole process didn’t feel good and, to make things worse, it wasn’t delivering the results I was after either. 
So this time around, with the timeline for my course mapped out, I decided to do things differently. I decided to focus on the pull instead of the push
I‘m sure you‘ve experienced both of these yourself, even if you hadn’t realized that both are marketing strategies and rarely coincidental. 

the push and pull

The push strategy (unfortunately) continues to be the most popular, and well loved among online entrepreneurs. This is a strategy you know well – it’s the one that plays to your fears and puts you up against a wall to make a decision you’re not really ready for – because time is running out / there are limited places / the ‘thing’ is scarce and prices are going up / everyone else is doing ‘it’ and getting amazing results and so you should too. It’s the driving force behind those ‘salt in your wound’ sales pages that make you feel kind of understood, but also kind of like a loser, before they present their amazing solution to your problem. This is the realm of templates and swipe files, of formulaic copy that is meant to trigger you to BOOK NOW!
It probably comes as no surprise that I’m not on board with any of that. 
In fact, I am, and very intentionally want my brand to be, at the other end of the spectrum – on the pull side.
The pull side is where you’re not playing on your clients’ pain points, but instead empowering them to dream big and go for it. It’s where selling your services isn’t about a cat and mouse game, but instead creating a two-way street full of win-win situations. The pull is about understanding your client’s needs, honouring their intelligence, and appreciating that they, just like you, are unique. 
This is how I want to do business.
a better way of doing business
a better way of doing business

selling that doesn’t feel icky

I decided that everything I do should provide you with some kind of value, even if it’s an e-mail presenting an opportunity to purchase something from me. 
I decided that my free resources need to be more than just the beginning of a sales funnel, but instead the beginning of our relationship, of us getting to know each other and seeing if we are a good fit. 
I decided that my sales pages for programmes or courses should first and foremost ignite your imagination, be a pleasure to read through, and leave you thoroughly energized and motivated –  yes, all that from a sales page!
And I decided that whatever I offer, whether it’s paid or free, I want you to feel that I care about you and your success (because I truly do).  
Changing the narrative from the push strategy that most of the world’s online business gurus are teaching right now, to a more uplifting, confidence-boosting, and (to be honest) genuine approach not only feels sooooo much better to me – it’s also been good for business. 
Ditching the formula is not only getting me more clients, it’s getting me more dream clients than I’ve ever had before. 
But there’s a catch.

modern marketing for your service-based business

The pull strategy requires you to be absolutely crystal clear on 3 things. Without clarity and a deep understanding on your side, the pull just won’t work.
  1. You need to first find your magic. Once you understand exactly what it is that makes your business brilliant, different, and absolutely irresistible, creating a marketing strategy that puts your magic front and centre become easy. It’s your magic that will resonate with the right clients; you need to be able to show them why you’re brilliant and the perfect fit for them.
  1. You need a deep (and when I say deep, I mean deeeeep) understanding of your dream client. This isn’t about demographics, it’s about understanding who you can best serve and what motivates them to choose you. What is it about your business that is absolutely irresistible to them? What makes them tick? What do they need to see to fall in love with you?
  1. Finally, you need to re-frame how you feel about selling. When you’re confident about what you’re offering and come from a place of truly wanting to do brilliant work, your client will feel that. They’ll feel that you’re not desperate for the sale, that this isn’t you trying to trick them out of their money. This also means pricing properly; own your value with confidence, with the goal of wowing your client with an unforgettable experience. 
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Karina Schwarzenboeck the Personal Brand Architect

throwing spaghetti on the wall

My father (who, by the way, has been an entrepreneur his whole life and has built several 8-figure product-based business from the ground up) often said to me while I was growing up, “Karina, if you throw enough sh*t on the wall some of it will stick.” It was a client of mine a few years ago who suggested I could use ‘spaghetti’ instead.
OK, but back to the point. My father was right. If you put enough out there, some of it is bound to stick. And that’s the feeling I often get when I read through those endless and aggressive sales pages that have us scrolling for hours. Or when I end up on someone’s e-mail list who apparently thinks it’s appropriate to send me daily e-mails about nothing. Excuse me for being crass, but those kind of tactics make me feel like someone is throwing sh*t at me hoping some of it will stick. That kind of push tactic feels, to me, like the person on the selling side has no respect for my time, my intelligence, or for my inbox. Like they’re just trying to be the one shouting the loudest above the noise they’re contributing to. 
But is this really the best way to market? 
For me, the answer is definitely no.
The shame in all this, really, is that the push has nothing to do with showcasing how brilliant you are. Instead, it becomes about using copy that sells and psychology that triggers action on your client’s part. If you use someone else’s e-mail or sales page copy, and just change out the words related to your industry or offer, then where’s the room for your brilliance? Where’s the room for creating a meaningful connection? Where’s the room for showcasing why you’re worth more than your ‘competitor’ who also used the same template? 

creating a positive experience

It turns out that when you know what your magic is, who your dream clients are, and what they want and need from you, you don’t need to throw spaghetti on the wall all day every day just to make a sale.
Instead, you can just focus on creating offers that they will love, that make sense for them to invest in, and that they don’t need convincing about because they already want to work with you. They know that working with you will be (and always is) a positive experience. 
Instead, you can focus on being your amazing self and just doing brilliant work. This is the better way of doing business.
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