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Investing in your brand will be a game-changer for your business.
Here’s a look at what some of my clients are saying about working with me…


the moment that helped me get everything rolling
We’ve known each other for a while now, so I already knew what kind of results you deliver… or at least I thought I did! Last year you completely surpassed my expectations.
You’ve always done a great job at quickly and creatively implementing all my wishes in advertising materials and on my website; then I had the idea to redesign my business. I wanted to re structure, develop new things, simply to break new ground. I wanted to go from ‘just’ dog training to an online business with webinars, electronic payment systems and much more! Little did I know then how important that would be now, in times of Coronavirus.
You have given me so much support to completely refocus my business and I was surprised at how fast you implemented my ideas to create something cohesive and visionary. You made sure that everything we did would serve me in the long term, and you also gave me your honest opinion when something didn’t fit or just wasn’t feasible. And what I love is: you always deliver alternatives.
I also value your calm and patient nature very much. My work style is very intuitive and flexible; sometimes I just need time!  You always give me the time, and then are ready to adapt and implement when I need you. I am already looking forward to working on my new projects with you!
To anyone who wants to build up their own brand, I cannot recommend your ‘Brand Development Day’ highly enough! Amazing! I will never forget that day in October last year. What clarity, what lightness. I was so relieved in the evening that I could finally see the way to move forward. That was the moment that  helped me get everything rolling.

-Astrid Gebhard • Kumpelschule


clarity & focus
One of the things I value most about working with Karina is her openness and honesty, even when our opinions differ. With her clarity and focus, she has not only improved my visibility, but also helped me strengthen my brand.

Renate Karácsonyi • KeramikARTelier


I was completely blown away
Thank you for our amazing Brand Aid session. Your excitement for my work was palpable, it filled me with so much hope and excitement. After the session, I was able to determine my niche and content plan. I decided to test it out on a new Facebook group of fellow practitioners I had been invited to. I was completely blown away by the response to my focused introduction. Everyone was so pleased to see a clear and confident message from a male health coach looking to help other men, it’s safe to say, it really resonated with the group as a key area of support and growth. I received lots of offers of collaborations and interviews (I have my first interview arranged for next week). 
This has all been thanks to you, Karina. 
Your calm, confident, patient, intuitive and professional manner made it a real pleasure to work with you. You exceeded my expectations. Your feedback from your evaluation was critical, but necessary. You helped me focus on what was important and you asked the right questions. The email support for the week following was vital to receive the feedback I needed to remain grounded and confident with the new direction and choices I was making. I will continue to mention your name with everyone I meet. I look forward to working with your again in the future.

– Mulk Raj • Hope and the Magnolia


high quality, high impact
I had the pleasure of a 60 minute personal branding session with Karina, the expert Personal Brand Architect.
I can say that every single minute of those 60 minutes was GOLD!
Karina was well prepared and professional, she had spent time looking over my social media platforms and website and asked me pertinent, perceptive questions to get a good insight of me, my business and my branding.
Her findings were highly intuitive, constructive and authentic.    She offered me actionable advice that I can apply to my branding right away.
After the session I felt inspired, understood and empowered to apply Karina’s high quality, high impact tips to my personal branding right away.  
I highly recommend working with Karina and was so impressed with the value and impact I received in our 60 minute session together.
I look forward to future sessions with you!

– Kelly Pearson • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


more confident with what I am promoting. 
After only 60 minutes together, Karina helped me see my brand in a new light. She asked the right questions and thoughtfully processed what my brand is today and where I hope it will go in the future. Together, still in this 60 minutes, we worked on practical applications for the visual elements of branding and I walk away more confident with what I am promoting. 

– Meghan Kitchen • Balancing Cultures Podcast


this course is indeed full of great surprises.
We are so used to chasing our goals one after another, that we forget to stop and take the time to reflect on why and how we want to reach them. “Irresistibly you” forces one to stop, pause and rethink this pattern by applying a new one – a very convincing one. This strategic approach can be adapted and applied to many daily and professional situations, over and over again . It has helped me to get a better sense of my own personality and my values.
The combination of videos, worksheets and theoretical background information works well together and makes it easy to follow. Especially the examples and explanations helped a great deal to transfer it into one’s personal situation.
It is very obvious, that Karina is passionate about passing on these lessons to empower more women to become irresistible. This course is indeed full of great surprises. It will have an impact on your private and professional future! I can highly recommend it to everyone, who is willing to pause for a moment to be fueled for all goals to come.

– Melanie Lovasz-Wechsler


you did a great job
I can recommend Irresistibly YOU! to everybody. This course brings you forward and you learn so much. Karina is so authentic and helpful and makes you think about things you have never thought of before. She has a deep knowledge and guides you in the right direction. You really learn how to successfully market yourself.

– Lee Leis


an entirely new way of thinking
This course will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself. I learned so much about myself and discovered an entirely new way of thinking about the value I provide and how to communicate that value with confidence. There’s a lot of self-reflection involved, and Karina makes it clear that you need to know YOU in order to be able to sell YOU.

– Jen Marshall


profound and skilful insight
Karina gives a very profound and skilful insight into business psychology. She helped me a lot to understand the rules of successful presentation and negotiation, and to understand my own values and motivation. She is extremely helpful, knowledgeable and skilful, and gives a very professional guidance towards successful business relationships. I highly recommend learning with and from her!

– Stella Lorenz

Karina the Personal Brand Architect with her dog