9 resources to energize and inspire your brand


I don’t know about you, but summer always has a special feeling in my business. It feels more relaxed, less to-do-list-y and more blog-post-writing-by-the-pool-y. Somehow work feels relaxed, less rushed, and full of inspiration. I suppose you could say it’s all in my head, and really, I’d be fine with that. One way or another, these are the months where I give myself permission to stop and smell the flowers, to make the lunch walks with my dog a bit longer than I normally would, to have a morning swim and coffee in the garden before starting my work day (admittedly a bit later than I would the rest of the year).  
Karina the Personal Brand Architect in white t-shirt and jeans sitting on a river bank
This is the time of year where I start to change my focus a bit before I head off for summer vacation. Instead of launching programmes, I give myself the time and space to update my website, refresh my office, and plan my next photo-shoot; I decide on my focus for the second half of the year and review my programme schedule. It’s a lovely time that I try to soak up like the rays of sun that I missed all winter long!
So as we slide into June this week, I thought I’d share some great resources to help you get in the summer business mood with me. From inspiring and actionable blog posts, to my best free-resources, to my most saved Instagram posts, these resources will inspire and help you elevate your brand over these easy-breezy summer months. 
Pinterest Pin - 9 resources to energize & inspire your brand
Pinterest Pin - 9 resources to energize & inspire your brand
Working on your website
If you’ve been meaning to freshen up your website then check out how to elevate your website; it’s full of ideas to help you evaluate where your website needs work, prioritize what needs to be done first, and decide what you can do yourself and where you could benefit from working with a professional.
Freshening up your brand
Sometimes all it takes is a little clean up to make everything feel fresh and focused again. Check out Spring Cleaning for your Brand for 16 things you can do right now to freshen up your brand. 
Helping your clients fall in love with your brand
Creating an intentional, feel-good customer journey is one of the best and easiest ways I know to make your business stand out and help your clients fall head-over-heels for you. If you’ve never intentionally worked on yours, or if it’s time to revisit what you’ve got, then this post on the customer journey will help you get started. 
Planning the best photo-shoot ever


Every summer, I book my favourite photographer to shoot new images for Personal Brand Architect. It’s so important to me to have fresh, current pictures that tell the story of my business and help me put images to all the words. When you’re running a service-based business, it can feel a bit daunting to pull together a shoot, because, what is there to see really when it’s just you and your office (or kitchen table), right? But especially for service-based entrepreneurs, great photography will help your client understand what your business is all about, who you are, what your style is, and what it will feel like to work with you. How else will they be able to get a feel for you? Certainly not through stock images than everyone else is using as well. Working with a photographer that compliments your style and can bring your story to life is one of the best investments you can make for your business.
But back to the question of what to shoot. You’ll make the most of your investment (and avoid getting images back that don’t fit, figuratively and literally), by planning out what, where, with whom, when, and why. Download my free photoshoot planner for inspiration, for ideas for who to work with, to create a budget and shot list, and to plan your best shoot ever!
photoshoot planner
Creating a marketing strategy that fits your brand
It seems like everyone these days is an online marketing expert and they all want to give you their exact strategy/method/script so you can do marketing just like they do. I think the best marketing isn’t one that works for someone else, but one that fits your brand, resonates with your clients, is aligned with your business goals, and feels good for you! I posted about this on Instagram and on the blog, and it seems like I’m not alone in feeling this way. Check out the Instagram post here, and the full blog post here.
Focusing on what’s important
Last summer I shared 5 ideas for developing more focus in your brand on Instagram. If you’ve been struggling to find your focus, or your business has changed and you need to redefine your focus, this little post will be just what you need. While my Insta-graphics back then leave much to be desired, the content is still just as relevant. So grab a notebook and your favourite pen, and let me guide you through some questions that will help you focus on what’s important. Click here to go to that post.
Planning for the future
When was the last time you reviewed your long-term goals and plans for your brand? If it’s been a while, or you have yet to work on your brand so intentionally, then the brand roadmap will be the perfect thing to work on this summer. I designed it to help you better understand where your brand stands right now, and what areas you need to work on if you want to fully unlock the magic of your brand. You can download it here for free and it comes with a 6 day e-mail course where I guide you through each section.
the brand roadmap
Join an amazing community
And last but not least, you can join my community of passionate service-based entrepreneurs on Facebook. The thriving brand society is where I share musings, exclusive workshops, and inspiration to help you create a phenomenal brand and grow your business. This is a lovely and intimate community where we can share, help, and grow. I’d love for you to join us! 
So there you have it: nine resources to inspire you and help you work on your business this summer. I am by no means suggesting you need to work through all of these over the (fingers crossed) warm months ahead – that would be missing the point. Much more, I’m hoping you’ll find one resource that you’ll be able to get stuck into, that will inspire you to think in a direction you hadn’t yet, or maybe to give you that little push to finally go all out for a photo-shoot that will make you feel fantastic and show off the very best of what your business has to offer. 
Karina the Personal Brand Architect with her dog