8 ways to strengthen your personal brand in times of crisis

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We are living through some absolutely crazy times right now. For many of us, our daily routines are unrecognizable to what they were just 10 days ago: we’ve turned our kitchen tables into class rooms, our basements into home offices, our backyards into playgrounds and break rooms.  As a global society, we’re improvising.


We’re improvising because we know we have to keep going, but right now there is so much uncertainty that we don’t really know where to invest our time and energy, and what fires to put out first.
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I spent last week speaking to my clients and trying to help them where I could. One of the comments I heard most often was that many of them were feeling nervous, scared, and very much like all the work we’ve been doing together to help them build their brands and move their careers forward have been for naught.
And I get it.
It’s hard to think of starting your dream business, changing careers or asking for a promotion when we’re all being sent home or even facing being laid off. Everyone is talking about downturns and a looming recession, so how are you supposed to think about your career right now?
I don’t have all the answers for what lies ahead of us the next few months, but I do know that now is actually a GREAT time to think about your career – not about making any kind of big changes, but about your career strategy. Use this experience to take inventory of what’s working well for you and what isn’t quite up to par. And use any extra time you now have – because you don’t have to commute, because you have less meetings, less extra-curricular activities to take your kids to –  to work on your career strategy and your personal brand.
I’ve put together a list of 8 things you can work on right now to help strengthen your brand even in these uncertain times.
Because what I DO know, is that the world is going to be a different place when all of this is over, and those who will hit the ground running are those that use the time we are being afforded now to work on themselves, their skillset, and their strategy.


1. Create a morning routine that sets you up for a successful day

This was a game-changer for me personally, in my business, and for my brand. When I first became self-employed my ‘regular’ routine was suddenly gone and my situation very much resembled what many people are living through right now: I was trying to set up a home office, everything was different from what I had known up until then, I felt lonely because I suddenly had no colleagues to interact with, and I was struggling to work with new technology I hadn’t needed up until then.


I woke up one morning, 3 months in, and decided things needed to change. I created a structured morning routine that included things I had always dreamt of doing (morning yoga!), forced me to set an intention for each day ( internal: don’t get mad at myself for things out of my control; or external: contact potential client and set up a meeting with them), and helped me set priorities so I knew what to focus on.


My morning routine helped me become more balanced, creative, focused, and just really turned me into someone who actually gets sh*t done. Not coincidentally, this is also what my brand stands for and what my clients have come to expect from me. And it all starts with my morning routine.


Use this opportunity to cultivate some new habits that will set you up for success.
  • Set daily intentions
  • Create priorities and don’t forget to also prioritize yourself
  • Practice gratitude by writing down 2 things you are grateful for each day
  • Create an affirmation to tell yourself each morning
  • Take a morning walk, do yoga, go for a run, ride your bike
Create a morning routine that sets you up for success

2. Take inventory of your life and career goals

I’m always amazed at how many people hate their jobs but have given no thought to what exactly it is that they dislike, much less to what they might prefer.


At a time like this, where many of us are getting a chance to experience our jobs differently than what we’re used to, I’d love for you to take this opportunity and evaluate what it all means to you.


I think it’s very likely that this crisis will be a turning point in how and where we work, so use this opportunity to take inventory of where you stand and where you want to be headed.
  • Am I on a career path that I feel good about?
  • Is it time to pivot my career?
  • What is this current situation teaching me about my career, my work, my business, my priorities?
  • What skills will I need to move forward?
  • What new opportunities might be opening up to me?
  • How could I / what do I need to pivot my business in a recession?
Take inventory of your life and career goals

3. Discover new tools to help you work online

If you’ve been moved to a home office, you’ve probably already started working with teleconferencing and remote access tools, but what other tools might be useful to you and your work in the future?


When I moved my business online last year I was absolutely blown away (overwhelmed if I’m being honest) by the sheer variety of tools and apps available to help businesses streamline their processes, connect teams, automate workflows, increase efficiency and productivity, and just generally make life easier. Even more surprising is how many SMEs aren’t taking advantage of these tools and are actually completely ignorant of their existence. Because they just didn’t see the need. But now the need is becoming apparent, and you can be on the forefront – with knowledge about what tools and apps could be useful in your work, benefit your employer, or improve your communication or workflows.


One of the effects of this situation is going to be a change in how we work and learn in the future. 
  • What parts of my work might be doable online in the future?
  • What online tools could help my work performance, productivity, efficacy?
  • What can I start practising now?
Discover new tools to help you work online

4. Learn!

Have you been dreaming of taking a creative writing class for years but just never found the time? How about that masterclass on Mexican cooking you keep seeing advertised on Facebook? Maybe you’ve been meaning to complete a professional certification programme to help you get that promotion you’ve been working towards? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to book a few coaching sessions to finally get serious about your reaching your goals (shameless promo!)?
One of the biggest complaints I hear among my clients, friends, and family, is that they just don’t have the time to sit down and learn something new – even if they’ve been dreaming doing something for ages. And while I believe that we make time for things that are priorities, I totally get it. Life is busy and crazy.  
Right now there must be 3489545 new offers coming out every day for courses, classes, freebies, or discounts for you to take advantage of. Use them!
This is the perfect time to add to your professional skill set or learn something new just for yourself!
  • Take that online course
  • Join a distance learning programme
  • Watch a masterclass
  • Start a coaching programme or get a mentor
  • Move your book club online

5. Build your network

Earlier this week I posted on Instagram that social distancing is wrong. It’s the wrong term. What we need to be doing is physical distancing while remaining as social as possible! In the era of social media, we need to be using it to its fullest potential to stay connected, lift each other up, and yes – to network.


While nothing can replace networking and connecting in person, I’ve been able to build an amazing network for my business online. There are many online communities that will support you in reaching your professional and personal goals, and if you can’t find the right group or community there is nothing stopping you from starting your own!
  • Join a relevant Facebook group
  • Host an online coffee break for your company and/or industry colleagues
  • Offer to share your knowledge
  • Look for virtual summits you could participate in
  • Join membership websites related to your work or business
Build your network

6. Clean up your social media profiles

By now we all know that the first place people check you out is online. Make sure your profiles, especially Linked-in, accurately represent you.
  • Invest some time in creating a message you feel good about and can be used on all your profile pages
  • Clean up old pictures and posts
  • Take some new pictures and use your favourite one across your most important profiles.
  • Write an article about what you’re experiencing or learning right now, work-wise, for your linked-in page.
Clean up your social media profiles

7. Practice your pitch!

Have you ever been asked what you do and not really known how to answer? Or maybe you generally need 5 minutes to fully answer that question?


If you want people to understand:
  • what you do
  • how valuable you are
  • why you are the person they should be working with
  • what you can do for them
  • why their team NEEDS you and and only you!
  • that you are irresistible and absolutely unforgettable
then you need to practice your pitch!


I’ve got some ideas for you below, or follow this link to find out more about my course Irresistibly YOU! where you learn how to create your perfect pitch and promotion strategy.
  1. Craft 1 sentence that explains what you do
  2. How are you recognizable?
  3. What makes you unforgettable?
  4. What can you offer that no one else does?
Practice your pitch!

8. Work through my free resources:

I’ve got some amazing free resources for you to help you gain clarity and strengthen your brand!


For my career gals, check out my workbook designed specifically for building your brand in the workplace
Build your Brand at Work

And for my lovely entrepreneurs, I’ve got a Roadmap and e-mail course to help you map out your brand and your path to self-employed success!
Personal Brand Roadmap
Work through my free resources

Strengthen your brand and leave a positive impression

In the span of a week, we’ve all become students again – we’re learning how to work with new tools and technologies, and under different circumstances. We’re learning to find solutions for things that might never have been a problem up until now. We’re learning to see things from a different angle.


I truly hope that you take this opportunity to invest some time in yourself and your future. We might be living through unprecedented times, but work through this list and you’ll not only be in an amazing position to hit the ground running when this crisis is over, you’ll also have strengthened your brand to leave a positive impression on everyone you work with during the crisis.
How will you be using this opportunity to strengthen your brand?
Your Personal Brand Architect,