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How do you go from hidden gem to go-to brand when you’re just starting up or creating something new?

Your path to success begins with a clear and strategic brand:
  • Not being clear on what exactly it is you do and who your services are for is costing you clients.
  • Not being clear about what makes you unique and the perfect choice for your clients means you’ll always be comparable to someone else and will end up competing on price.
  • Not being clear about what you want your brand to mean to your audience means you won’t be able to form an emotional connection with them.
  • Not being clear on your brand strategy means reaching your goals is up to hope and chance.
Clarity and intentional strategy is the absolute foundation of every successful brand, and yet so many entrepreneurs skip this step only to struggle with growing their business for years. 
Without clarity and strategy, it will be virtually impossible for your brand to stand out, get heard and be understood.


unlock the potential in your brand

The good news is that you don’t have to be a big, established company to create a powerful brand that stands out and grows your business. You just need the right tools and a brand strategy expert who understands your needs as well as the opportunities and challenges you face as an entrepreneur.

Strategic brand coaching will have tangible effects on your business

Getting crystal clear on what your brand is and who it’s for will:
Save you time and money on everything from defining your ideal client and creating a brand identity that they will love, to creating effective content that cuts through the noise on social media and speaks directly to them, to creating a website that they will want to visit and buy from over and over. 
Getting strategic about your brand will:
Make it virtually every decision easier, because you know where you’re going and you have a plan to get there. It will also allow you to replace busy work with intentional work, because you’ve positioned your brand to attract clients who award you the kind of work that you are amazing at, allowing you to keep sharpening your skills and grow your expert status.
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Karina Schwarzenböck sitting on a pink bench (Personal Brand Architect)

hi! I’m Karina


I know exactly what it feels like to put your heart and soul into your business but struggle to really get off the ground.
When I started Personal Brand Architect 4 years ago I had 15 years of marketing and management experience, but no idea what made me special. I wanted to make strategic marketing (and its results!) available to passionate entrepreneurs and start-ups, but I struggled with creating and positioning my own brand, which made it hard for me to get clients.
That’s the irony of branding and marketing – you often can’t see your own magic because it just doesn’t feel that special to you!
Four years in and I’ve made it my mission to help my clients uncover what makes them uniquely valuable and become the visible expert in their niche.
I’d love to do the same for you.



“I highly recommend working with Karina and was so impressed with the value and impact I received in our 60 minute session together.”


your path to a stand-out brand


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you’re a passionate entrepreneur who is committed to building a successful business

In order to do that, you need a brand that will help you stand out as an expert and highlight your uniqueness so you can grow a client base that loves you and will happily pay you what you’re worth. 
The problem is you have no idea how to do all that; you feel like you’ve been spinning your tires and are overwhelmed by how much is actually involved with building your brand and business. 
I believe that everyone who wants to share their talents with the world has it in them to create a brand that will show off their magic and support their long-term success. I also understand how challenging it is to cut through the noise, put your message out there, and get the world to take notice. That’s why I’m here to help you create a brand strategy that works hard for you and grows your business. 


let’s create a brand that does your business justice

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You can find me on Instagram @personalbrandarchitect.
I’d love to see and hear about your branding journey!
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