Personal Branding for Career Rookies

This is a 1-on-1 coaching programme for young, ambitious women who want to get their career off to a fabulous start!

Are you a university student or recent graduate? Congratulations! Graduating from university is a major accomplishment.

So… what now?

When you’re nearing (or have reached) the end of a 4-year journey, it can be seriously stressful to decide what step to take next. Especially if you:
  1. Don’t want to work in your field of study
  2. Don’t really know what jobs are available to you
  3. Do know what you want to do but don’t know where to start because unfortunately, you have no experience (and maybe you studied something else)
  4. Have no idea how what you studied will get you the dream job that supports your life goal (because you haven’t really thought that far yet)
Add to that limited job experience, an ever-changing job-market, and steep competition for open positions, and the challenge grows even bigger.

Now the good news: you are not alone.


I can help you.

Get clear on what your dream career looks like and build the brand that will get you there.
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Our goal is to get clear on what your dream career looks like and design your brand roadmap.
By the end of the programme you will have:
  • Found cristal clarity – about your career and life goals, and what jobs you would be interested in
  • Defined your positioning – so you can clearly communicate what sets you apart and what benefits an employer would have from hiring you.
  • Developed a basic styling plan – to build a consistent image
  • Created your first roadmap – so you know what steps to take next


This programme is for you if:

  • You feel lost – everyone else seems to know what they want to do but you have no idea.
  • You want all kinds of different things – you’re starting a new chapter and there are so many choices! You want to focus but you don’t know how.
  • You know what you want, but you’re not sure how to position yourself as the ideal candidate
  • You know what your dream life looks like, but don’t know how to map out an actual plan for getting there and you don’t really know how your career fits into the picture.

This programme is not for you if:

  • You just want somebody to tell you what to do. That’s not the road to success. You’ll need to put in the work if you want to get results.
  • You are looking for a magical way to get a high-paying job that requires more than what you have to offer. That’s just not how it works.
  • You just want someone to write your CV and cover letter. I’ll help you build your brand, which will likely be way more influential in landing your dream job than a resumé (and make composing a fascinating cover letter a piece of cake), but you’ll still need to put your credentials together yourself.
  • You are not willing to open up about your emotions. Personal Branding is a very intimate process and you might need to confront some truths that you’ve been ignoring. My coaching always comes from a place of nurturing and always aims to empower you, but if you’re not willing to be open and honest, this isn’t the right programme for you.

What we’ll work on together

Building a personal brand will not only help you get your foot in the right door now, it’ll open up doors for your future as well. This is a no-brainer investment in your future that will pay off really quickly.


  • Get clear about what exactly it is you want
  • Find the right career to build the life of your dreams
  • Get exactly what you want by improving your communication
  • Set yourself apart from your competition
  • Highlight how an employer will benefit from hiring you
  • Highlight your unique assets
  • Feel good about being you!

How it works

This is an 8 week programme. We’ll meet online for about 50 minutes every other week and I’ll guide you through every step of building your brand.
You’ll get the Personal Branding for Career Rookies workbook, so you can keep track of everything we’re working on and record important decisions and information. We’ll dig deep so that you end up with a career you love and a brand that helps you build it!
The final product will be your own success Roadmap, which you can reference back to at any time

Now it’s up to you!

Personal Branding for Career Rookies

The next round is starting in October. Apply now to reserve your spot!

For young, ambitious women who want to get their career off to a fabulous start!


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