Tailored to you and your goals

Your brand should fit you like a glove.

Together we’ll create a brand that brings your vision to life and is authentic to your story and style. We’ll pinpoint exactly how you can best position yourself to reach your goals, and how to clearly communicate the value in your offering. You’ll be able to make decisions with confidence, knowing they are in line with your aspirations.


The result:  a personal brand that fascinates others and makes you irresistible to your audience.

Coaching Programmes

You have the potential to create something phenomenal:

a business that makes you proud,
the career of your dreams,
or maybe even an important contribution to society.


Whatever dream you are dreaming, you can make it happen.
All you need is an experienced guide to lead the way.


Personal Branding for (aspiring) Entrepreneurs


1-on-1 coaching


Position yourself for success and move your business forward.
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Personal Branding for Career Climbers


1-on-1 coaching


Turbo-charge your career & get closer to reaching your professional goals.
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Personal Branding for Career Rookies


1-on-1 coaching


Get clear on your dream career & design your brand roadmap.
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Quick Fixes

Power Strategy Sessions for Ambitious Women

Take control of your vision, focus, and define your next move.


Strategy session


Quick clarity and focus

An intensive 90-minute session to discuss your brand, any current issues you’re having, and what improvements you can implement immediately.
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I am really satisfied about working with Karina. She puts her heart and soul, and her logical thinking, into everything she does. She’s quick at finding solutions and she’s always there when I need her.
I’m thankful our paths crossed!
Astrid Gebardt , Kumpelschule

Free Resources

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