My Mission

Hi! I’m Karina, the Personal Brand Architect.

I help ambitious women build personal brands that are authentic, empowering, and effective.


I empower my clients to do business on their own terms and ultimately follow their hearts (and dreams!). I do this by helping them build a brand that highlights their distinctive strengths, clearly communicates their offering, and elevates them above their competition.

My clear focus is on working with women.

As women, we often feel like we have to be (or at least behave like) one of the boys in order to be successful in business or in our careers. Enough. Enough trying to fit into the ‘boys’ club’, we need to create a new ‘club’ that benefits us all.


My vision is to live in a world where we appreciate and respect each other, where we lift each other up and value the people around us, where we strive to create win-win situations. I want ‘being in business’ to be about creating a better future for everyone, not about single people or companies using others to further their own agenda or profits.


I truly believe that the way to make this vision a reality is by empowering women to have the confidence to dream big, to believe in themselves, and to take action – on their terms.





I grew up in an entrepreneurial family.

Since I was about 8 years old, it was clear to me that I too wanted to be an entrepreneur and run my own company.


I went to school with my goal in mind and worked hard to get my degree. After a few years of working in marketing and sales, I added an executive MBA in International Business to my portfolio. With my new degree in hand, I joined my family’s company and focused on marketing. I felt well on my way to reaching my goal.


Then, after almost 10 years at that company, an unfortunate series of events resulted in me losing my job. Overnight. 


Not only was my source of income gone, but it felt like the future I had imagined for myself was too.  I had no idea what I was going to do next.  I had always been sure that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but this experience left me questioning everything I thought I ‘knew’.


It took all the optimism I had to look for the silver lining. I tried to find a hidden opportunity. Could this, maybe, actually be a chance to follow my dream of becoming an entrepreneur?


3 months after losing my job, I gathered my courage and became a self-employed marketing consultant. I acquired my first clients and celebrated every win, no matter how big or small. But in my mind, a process had started to take place.

Reflecting on my entire career, I started to realize a few things:

  • I had actually been unhappy in my job for quite a while.
  • My unhappiness had led to me not giving 100% anymore.
  • Not giving 100% won’t go unnoticed; it makes people doubt your abilities.
  • Over time, I had actually begun to doubt my abilities as well.
  • Although I had a Bachelor, an MBA, and tonnes of experience, I felt like all that was worthless. I felt worthless. I had started to tell myself that no one else would ever see value in what I had to offer. I didn’t even really believe I had anything to offer.
  • Finally, since I had spent most of my career trying to be ‘relatable’ and ‘just like everyone else’, I now had no idea how to stand out as a solopreneur.

It took me over a year in my own business to realize 3 more things:

  • 10 years in a male-dominated industry had exposed me to a horrendous amount of sexism – sexism that was so casual, subconscious and tolerated, that it actually felt normal. It was omnipresent – with suppliers, clients, even my own colleagues – and had successfully eaten away at a good portion of my self-esteem.
  • My newly discovered self-esteem problem combined with my self-doubts were holding me back from achieving any kind of sustainable success; they were making it difficult for me to acquire new clients and were leading to subconscious self-sabotage.
  • I was not the best at attracting new clients, or at least, not the ones I had been targeting (SMEs). But!The clients I was successful at aquiring all had 2 things in common: they were women, and they were either self-employed or entrepreneurs. They all came to me for help with their marketing and sales. More often than not, their marketing challenges were rooted in poor branding. So we rolled up our sleves together and worked on gaining clarity, on their messaging and on how they communicated. Not only did I absolutely love the work we were doing together, but the tangeable results we were creating together were impressive.
I realized I had started the wrong business. Although I was calling myself a marketing consultant for SMEs, I had actually become a personal branding coach for female entrepreneurs… and I loved it. I love that personal branding has the power to change someone’s life. I love being able to use my knowledge and experience to help women achieve their dreams. I love being a facilitator in that process.

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The Personal Brand Architect having coffee with a client


Creative. Focused. Game-Changer.

I’m originally from Montreal, Canada but now live in southern Germany. I take pleasure in combining the best of both cultures in my everyday life. I speak English, French (Québécois!) and German (Bavarian!) fluently.
I have an MBA in International Management as well as a BA in Economics with minors in German and Marketing. Before starting my own businesses, I spent over 15 years working in industry. I have experience in marketing and management positions and have won awards in both areas.  
I’m an avid sailor and have sailed over 35,000 nm (nautical miles) around the world on various tall ships and sailing vessels. I feel invincible when I’m hanging in a trapeze, aloft furling a sail, or sitting on a rail with my toes getting wet. I get the same feeling riding rollercoasters.
I also love to cook, dance, ski, garden, paint, and explore the world with my husband and our rescue-dog Ignaz.
Get the Free Workbook! 4 Ways to Build your Brand at Work